Why we stand out

We know our region better

Born and raised in Peloponnese, we know the secrets and traditions of our region better than anyone else.

We have fresh ideas for an unforgettable journey

We have great travel services, offering unforgettable life experiences.

I hear = I forget, I see = I remember, I experience = I learn

Our aim is to create intense emotions and memories, through your interactive participation in the lifestyle of our land.

We taste the real Greece

Greece is not just sun, sea and classic tourist destinations. Greece is its traditions, nature, cuisine, its people and their everyday habits.

We experience every trip as a small group of natives

All our services are addressed to small groups of people; we want to be a small group of friends and not an impersonal numerous group.

We are in direct contact with each one of our visitors

We know personally all the visitors and we are beside them throughout the trip. They are friends to us, not tourists.

We are flexible

We customize our services according to your wishes in order to optimize your travel experience.

We travel throughout the year

We organize travel services throughout the year, adjusted to the particularities of each period.

No wasting time on endless journeys

Our goal is you to live new experiences and not to be exhausted by long and tiring journeys.