Vitina lies in a valley at the foot of Mount Mainalo, at an altitude of 1.033 meters. It has an excellent climate and it’s a very popular winter holiday destination. In the past, Vitina was the place people with lung and thoracic diseases were choosing for a full recovery. After World War II most of its population migrated, but today it’s a bustling, scenic village with an excellent tourism infrastructure and exceptional local products (dairy, pasta, honey, wooden carvings), constituting an ideal holiday destination and a great starting point for touring the beautiful mountainous Arcadia. Vytina is very close to the Ski Center of Mainalo, it has a lovely picturesque main square, the impressive church of Agios Tryfonas, a renowned Forestry School and an interesting Folk Art Museum. There are many notable nearby destinations that surely worth a visit, like Methydrio, Pyrgaki, Elati, the historic Alonistaina, ancient Orchomenos and the Monastery of Agioi Theodoroi.

Vitina is built at an altitude of 1,033 m., in a valley at the foot of Mainalo; it has a healthy climate and a great reputation as the ideal winter destination. It is located near the Ski Centre of Mainalo and its tallest summit, Ostrakina, (at 1,980 m.), with eight pistes, one of the best equipped and most modern ski centres in Greece, with excellent facilities for beginners, advanced and also for visitors.

A long time ago, until 1940, Vitina was an ideal place for the recuperation of patients suffering from lung and chest diseases, it had two sanatoria and it was also known for its Forestry School. After World War II most of Vytina’s population moved away, but today, with its excellent tourist facilities and amazing local products (dairy, pasta, honey, wood carved items), it is the ideal place to relax or to plan your excursions to the beautiful landscapes of mountainous Arcadia.


Vitina has a very beautiful square, with the impressive church of Aghios Tryfonas –with its blackish marble– and a rich Folklore Museum. At the square one can see the busts of historian Constantine Paparigopoulos, who hailed from Vytina, as well as that of an important jurisconsult, Vassilios Oikonomides. The interesting Folklore Museum is housed in a stone building and includes tools, holy utensils, household items, clay artifacts, costumes, furniture, a loom, old photographs, etc.

Vitina is always a preferred destination in order to get away for a few days and not only. With excellent accommodation facilities, exquisite local products that are always in demand (pasta, herbs, fir honey, dairy products, decorative items and useful wood carved items), and also the comestibles offered in nice premises, it is unforgettable and always desirable.

The surrounding villages: Methydrio, near the homonymous ancient city with its ruins, Pyrgaki, with the abandoned houses and the amazing fir forest surrounding it, the stone-built Elati, with the woodcarving workshop, the historic Alonistena, a traditional, preserved settlement associated with Theodore Kolokotronis and the Greek Revolution, ancient Orchomenos, at an excellent location, with its theatre overlooking the plain, the Aghii Theodori Monastery, near Pyrgaki, built with stone in the 17th century, are only some of the most remarkable locations that the visitor must definitely see.