Tripolis (previously known as Tripolitsa and Trompolitsa too) is the biggest city and capital of Arcadia, but also the Seat of the Peloponnese Prefecture. It is situated at a 660 meters altitude and its population is up to 46.910 people.

The city is a creation of the Modern times. The first reference to the name of Tripolis is being made in 1467, while it was known as Tripolitsa or Ntropolitsa, this toponym has transformed gradually over the years. During the last years of the 17th century, Tripolis is a big city with a population of over 20.000 residents.

On September 23d, 1821 the city passed into Greek hands after a many – month siege, that resulted in the fall of the city. In 1825 it passed into Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt rule, which made it its regional Capital. In 1830 Tripolis population measured up to 3.380 souls and the houses, along with the laboratories, about 750, most of them one-storey buildings. Between 1842-57 many Cretans settled in Tripolis. The first school had been inaugurated in 1831, while the first High School in 1850. First Mayor of Tripolis was Giannakos Petrinos in 1835.