Nemea and Corinthia


What to see in Nemea & Corinthia


Archaeological Sites of Corinthia

From the Ancient Corinth to the Ancient Nemea and from the Labours of Hercules to the Nemea Games, Corinthia boast a huge number of Archaeologic Sites and myths waiting for you to discover!
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The Acrocorinth Castle of Corinthia

The imposive castle of Acrocorinth in Corinthia screens the invaders of Peloponnese. Located in the main entrance of Peloponnese, is waiting its visitors to discribe its history and to offer astonishing view of the Corinthian land.
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Museums of Nemea & Corinthia

The region of Corinthia, with more than 4.000 years history and marvelous natural beauties, has a lot of archaeological and a unique enviromental museum, that prove its historical and enviromental significance in Greece.
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Cities of Corinthia

From the capital  city of Corinth to the coastal Loutraki and the famous wine growing city of Nemea, there are numerous sectets and beauties that are waiting to be discovered.
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Monasteries of Corinthia

Hidden in the mountains of Corinthia and isolated from the cosmic everyday life, there are peaceful and cozy monasteries. Visit them and talk to the monks about their life and the history of the monastery they live.
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About Nemea and Corinthia

Corinthia is the first prefecture that is encountered by the visitor arriving from Attiki (Attica) and it offers a huge variety of choices for tourist sightseeing: fascinating massifs, beautiful sea-side locations and significant archaeological sites. The beaches in Corinthia and the Saronic Gulf have tourist facilities, and in most places the shimmering sea coexists with the pine and olive trees and the grape vines. The arable land in Corinthia is fertile and its residents are occupied with agriculture, stock-raising, poultry farming, light industry and tourism. The Corinthia raisin is renowned throughout the world.

Capital of the prefecture is Korinthos, a city with a deeply historical legacy. In antiquity Korinthos was one of the largest and most important cities in Greece. It played a significant part during the Peloponnesian War and after 200 B.C it became the capital of the Achaean Confederation. Under Julius Caesar it was elevated to the capital of the Achaia province. During the middle Ages it was associated with its impressive fortifications at Akrokorinthos (Acrocorinth). A powerful earthquake destroyed the city in 1858, which was rebuilt with good earthquake resistant specifications on a good town plan, 9 km to the north of the ancient city.

Nemea, well known from the Greek mythology as the place of a terrible lion, killed by Hercules, also belongs to the prefecture of Corinthia. Since 573 BC (or earlier), in this place the Nemean Games were founded in memory of the fact. The Competences were taking place at the sanctuary of Zeus. The region is mentioned by Homer as a winemaking area and today the appellation of Nemea is the most important red wine of southern Greece, with the famous Agiorgitiko which produces a wine of red deep color, complex aroma and long velvety palate.


Getting to Nemea & Corinthia

By car: 
The access to Corinthos is about 70 minutes from Athens through the Athens-Corinth highway.
By train:
The best way to go from Athens to Corinthia is by the TRAINOSE suburban railway system (Proastiakos) starting from Athens Airport or Larissa Station in Athens.
For more information please visit the TRAINOSE website ( and buy your tickets online or make a phone call at 0030 210 5297777.
By bus:
There are regular bus routes that connect Corinthia with Athens other destinations all over Peloponnese. The connection of other destinations all over Peloponnese is through the bus stop at Isthmus (Corinth Canal).
For more information please visit KTEL Korinthias (
Telephone numbers of the most famous bus stops of Corinthia:
KTEL of Korinthos: 0030 27410 75410
KTEL of Athens: 0030 210 5150220
By plane:
The Prefecture of  Corinthia has no airport. The closest airport is the International airport of Athens (Eleftherios Venizelos), about 1 hour by car or 1,5 hours by train.

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