Kalamata and Messinia


What to see in Kalamata & Messinia


Archaeological Site of Ancient Messini

Ancient Messene is situated in the western foothills of mountain Ithomi, near the village called today Mavromati. A large part of the city has come to light, which reveals its great expanse and also its significance during ancient times.
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Cities of Messinia

From the capital  city of Kalamata to the coastal villages Stoupa, Methoni and Pylos, in Messinia there are endless choices for relaxation, shopping and nightlife till morning.
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Monasteries of Messinia

The monks of the Messinian monasteries are waiting for their visitors to welcome and to guide them in their godsend place. Be one of them.
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About Kalamata and Messina

Messinia, located at the South West corner of the Peloponnese, is one of the most imposing archaeological sites of Greece where visitors have the chance to wander among the findings and the traces of antiquity. The region has numerous small or long sandy beaches, with calm waters or huge waves that will satisfy families or aspiring surfers. At the same time the visitor can explore its vast olive groves, green valleys, mountains, gorges and mountainous cliff-hanging villages with breathtaking views.

People have lived in Messinia since the Neolithic age; however the Mycenaean age was indisputably the golden in Messenia’s history and Pylos was the second largest city after Mycenae. On 20th October 1827, the allied fleet fought at Navarino bay, against the combined Turkish and Egyptian fleet, which event essentially signaled the independence of the Peloponnese from the Turkish domination.

Kalamata is the capital and main port of the Messinia region of Peloponnese. Kalamata is one of the most gifted cities in Greece, thanks to its geographic position. Situated in the heart of the Messinian Bay and on the roots of the imposing Mountain Taygetos, it is ideal for exploring the area. The old town, which is built around a 13th century castle, is quite picturesque as is the waterfront along Navarinou Street. The city is famous as the town of olive trees and as the gateway to magnificent Mani. The airport, railway, port and bus station make it a transportation hub and gateway to the surrounding area and southern Peloponnese.

Great castles hit by ferocious waves in Methoni and Koroni. In Pylos learn about the famous naval battle and admire the Niocastro castle. Discover fairytale landscapes as you walk along the only female river in Greece, Neda. Taste the Messinia’s olive oil and its sacred olives, nectar of the gods. Voidokoilia, a fairytale beach, swim in the ideal final destination, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, an omega (Ω).


Getting to Kalamata & Messinia

By car: 
The capital of the Prefecture of Messinia, Kalamata, is 240km from Athens following the National Highway Athens-Kalamata.  As an indication, Kalamata is 215km from Patra, 120km from Pyrgos, 85km from Tripolis and 60km from Sparta. The trip by car is relatively comfortable as the road network is in a very good condition and lasts about 2,5 hours.
By bus:
There are daily buses from Athens to Kalamata. The Messinia buses also connect the prefecture with other large cities of Peloponnesus. The bus trip from Athens to Kalamata is about 3 hours and buses depart from Kifissos KTEL Bus Station in Athens. From Kalamata start some routes all over Greece such as Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Larisa and Tripoli, Methoni, Pylos, Kyparissia in Peloponnese.
For more information please visit the KTEL Messinias website (http://www.ktelmessinias.gr/?module=default&pages_id=3&lang=en) and buy your tickets online.
Telephone numbers of the most famous bus stops of Messinia:
KTEL of Kalamata: 0030 27210 28581
KTEL of Athens: 0030 210 5120887
By plane:
The closest airport to the Prefecture of Messinia is the Kalamata Airport which is located 5km from the city of Kalamata.
For more information please contact the Kalamata International Airport at 0030 27210 63805
By train:
Unfortunately there is no railway connection with the prefecture of Messinia

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Sea Kayaking in Kalamata

  • Enjoy a 2,5 hours paddling tour in the Messinian Gulf
  • Visit fishing coastal villages
  • Family friendly
  • Swim and snorkel in turquoise waters