The Thermisia Lagoon of Ermioni


Thermisia Lagoon is located next to the traditional village Thermisia, in the eastern part of Ermione. It was named after the hot springs which existed in the specific area.

This is the place where geographer Pausanias reports the existence of a temple devoted to goddess Thermisia Demeter.

During the Venetian period, Thermisia was used as a salima which in later years, turned to be a great fish farming area due to its marine wealth and resources.


Nowadays, Thermisia Lagoon is considered to be one of the most important biotopes which are protected not only by national but world networks as well, such as CORINE BIOTOPS.

During springtime, all migrate birds revisit Thermisia Lagoon following their old and long journey from North to south and backwards. During this period of the year, the visitor can enjoy the colorful landscape along with the amazing and relaxing bird singing. It is really wonderful watching many different bird species such as herons, seagulls, glossy ibis etc., mingling and landing their eggs into their new built nests waiting for their babies to be born. All this magical scenery offers a unique experience of natural beauty and serenity to visitor’s eyes and soul.