The Katafiki Canyon in Ermioni


Catafiki Canyon is situated in the northwestern part of Ermioni and it is a natural connection between Hermione and Fourni. Taking the route that lasts nearly thirty minutes, one can enjoy serenity of the green forest full of laurels, wickers, pines trees and myrtles, breath the fresh, revitalizing air, hear and watch the harmonic bird flying and finally drink crystal clear water from the well-known Papoulia spring.

The imposing and wild rocks create a mysterious atmosphere while their limestone cover offers a great opportunity for climbing, both for beginners and advanced climbing lovers, all over the year, due to its protected location.

In the entrance of the canyon the traveler can visit the small church dedicated to St. Nicolas which is consider to be a meta byzantine monument offering protection and good luck to visitors since 1740 till nowadays. A few minutes downwards, one can admire the historic bridge which leads to paths of spectacular natural beauty. During war periods, in byzantine times, it is believed that Hermione’s residents found refugee in the canyon in order to protect themselves.


According to Mythology, one of the caves situated in this place is believed to have been one of Hades Gates from which Hercules led out the terrible monster Cerberus and god Pluto took Persephone, Demeter’s daughter, to his down world kingdom. During the medieval period, people believed that this specific cave led to Hell and it was a passage for many different kinds of elves and demons that aimed in making travelers’ life difficult, scary and mysterious.

Catafiki Canyon is a conservation area for its natural beauty and uniqueness along with the protection of wild life that finds shelter in this area. It is the ideal destination for walking, climbing and experiencing nature’s benefits.

The area is accessible by car either through Hermione or through the traditional village Fourni.