The Kapetanakides Tower


The Kapetanakides tower, known also as the Kapetanakides Castle, stands imposingly on top of a hill, the so-called Petrovouni, in the village of Charavgi, in Sotirianika. It is essentially a fortress complex, a typical example of the peculiar architectural type of the tower, which exists exclusively in Mani.

The tower belonged to the illustrious family of the Kapetanakides, from the ranks of which emerged excellent warriors who were distinguished during the Greek Revolution of 1821. The Tower was built by Captain Georgakis Kapetanakis; according to his will, he built it almost exclusively with his own finances. The exact building date is not known, according to documents, however, we can surmise that the Tower had been completed by 1821.

Upon entering the complex’s yard, to our right we see the largest tower, which is the main building, offering a great view to the Messenian Bay. To our left there is a smaller tower, next to which there is also the small church of Profitis Helias. The complex in its entirety has been preserved in a very good condition, and it is one of the most remarkable sights in the area.

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