The Gorges of Mountain Parnon


Parnon is the biggest mountain range in the Peloponnese and boasts truly incredible natural beauty. The wealth of flora and fauna -including the so-called juniperus drupacea, a cedar species unique in the entire European continent- the imposing ridges, the valleys, the ravines and of course the impressive gorges, create a landscape of unparalleled beauty.

The Gorge of Loulougkas begins from the beautiful scenic village of Sitaina and is essentially the first of a series of astonishing gorges. The gorge, which is created by the concentration of water from the River Vrasiatis, is considered to be one of the most impressive in Greece. The journey is awe-inspiring, with little lakes and waterfalls amidst the lush vegetation; impressive caves, like the ones of Karahalios and Kaliotzis, and a massive waterfall, whose waters drop from a 30 – 40 metre height. Visitors will have the chance to see the Byzantine castle of Zaggoli, as well as the Chapel of the Virgin Mary.


From the Gorge of Loulougkas, a series of gorges begins, uniting –so to speak- the peak of Megali Tourla, which is the highest of Mount Parnon, with the bay of Agios Andreas, in the Myrtoon Sea. This gorge is then united with the Gorge of Koutoupou, near Kastanitsa, and then with the gorges of Mazia, near Prastos, and Spilakion, to end up at the Gorge of Zarbanitsa.

Due to the uniquely beautiful and peculiar natural environment of Mount Parnon, many associations and clubs organize various tours and activities in the area, like hiking, rappel and cave exploration. This way the participants have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent landscape and come closer to the greatness of nature.