The gorge of Rintomo


The wider area of Messinia is filled with impressive natural formations, creating a stunning landscape. Mountains, rivers and gorges compose a unique backdrop that dazzles the eye. One of the many gorges of the area is that of Rintomos, which starts from the peaks of Mount Taygetos and ends up at the shore of Santova on the Messinian Gulf.

The Gorge of Rintomos is truly majestic and is characterized by lush flora, steep ravines, diversified rocks and virtually vertical slopes. Crossing the gorge is very popular among nature lovers, who have two options for a starting point. One is from the village of Anavryti and the other from the lodge of the Greek Mountaineering Club of Sparta in the location Varvara. A hike in the gorge can reveal many wonderful surprises, such as the picturesque settlement of Rintomos, the fields once cultivated by the residents, bridges, caves, as well as remnants from hermitages. The best time to cross it is at the end of spring or the beginning of summer, when weather conditions favour this relatively demanding route.