The Gorge of Neda


Neda is the only “female” river in Greece. It stems from the foot of Mount Lykaion and flows into the Ionian Sea, more specifically into the Kyparissiakos Gulf. Neda is approximately 32 kilometres long and passes through a stunning fairytale-like landscape.

The Valley of Neda was of particular importance to the ancient Greeks and was often mentioned in various myths, while it is surrounded by archaeological remnants. A unique temple, dedicated to God Pan, is located here, while the majestic temple of Epicurean Apollo –a creation of Iktinos– is located in Vasses.


The gorge of the river is equally intriguing and dazzles visitors with its stunning wild natural landscape. The best time to cross it is from May to September, provided it doesn’t rain. Entrance to the gorge is possible at many points, depending on the length of the route one wishes to cover. Nevertheless, the entire route is approximately 20 kilometres long and it would take two days to cover it. Proper preparation is necessary, since beyond its undoubted beauty, the gorge does have several points that require extreme caution.