The Acrocorinth Castle of Corinthia


The castle of Acrocorinth, the biggest in Moreas, was the watching eye of the entire Peloponnese. Excavations started in 1961 by the Archaeological Institute of America. It was created during the reign of Sisyphus, the mythical king of Corinth, and its first fortification took place in the late 7th- early 6th century, during the Kypselid Tyranny. After a long history of different occupations by different conquerors –Romans, Franks, Venetians, Turks – the castle finally returned to Greek hands in 1823 with the liberation of Corinth. Fortification works from every period, the Mycenaean, the Classical, the Byzantine and the Medieval can be seen on Acrocorith due to the Turkish and Venetian occupation.


The castle includes a large multileveled yard, covering 25 hectare of land and is a typical example of fortress architecture. The walls have a polygonal shape following the natural curve of the rock and are strengthened at intervals with towers and bastions. The view from Acrocorinth is breathtaking. In front of the visitor’s eyes spreads the entire Corinthian Land, until the borders of Argolis, over the Geraneia Mountains and until the beginning of Achaia, and Central Greece can clearly be seen. Acrocorinth is the Magical All- Overseer of Peloponnese.