Taste and discover Peloponnese

Greek cuisine, rich in authentic flavors and aromas represents an age-old cultural unity with a history of around 4,000 years, based on pure and unique quality goods of the Greek land. When it comes to food and wine, the Peloponnese has a plethora of vineyards and farms that alternate between scenic valleys, imposing mountains, and deserted pristine beaches. This alternative exploration allows guests to experience the Greece that lies beyond the archaeological sites and beaches.

Wine and culinary trips in Peloponnese don’t just introduce you to local food, wine and culture, they immerse you in the Mediterranean’s rich culinary traditions. This trip to the Peloponnese will reward you as all the history and nature of the Mediterranean lies in this place. Destinations of authentic beauty, each with its own special features, Argolida, Corinth, Messinia, Arcadia, and Laconia.

Join us in this tour and discover the Greek cuisine and hospitality.

Day 1: Arrival – Food Tour in Nafplio

Upon arrival to Athens airport we set out passing the Isthmus of Corinth and we arrive at Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat, surrounded by orange groves and olive trees.

In the evening we visit Nafplio and we enjoy a 3 hour hiking tour to the most beautiful sites of the Old city of Nafplio, while we discover and taste hidden culinary treasures along with our tour of the city sights, searching for traces of the Franks, Venetians and Ottomans in its architecture.

Day 2:Wine Tour at Ancient Nemea

Today we visit the endless vineyards of Nemea, the biggest winery region in Greece and also the place where according to mythology Hercules killed the lion and performed the first of his 12 labors.

Our first stop is the Archeological site of Nemea where we admire the sanctuary that was set up for Zeus, the father of Heracles, and The Stadium of Nemea. Then visit 2 local wineries to taste unique varieties of wine, meet their producers and discuss with them the details of wine making in the Greek land. Finally enjoy a lunch inside a winery, while discovering one of the most popular wineries in Greece. Overnight at Nafplio.

Day 3: Mycenae – Olive Oil & Farm Tour

After breakfast we visit Mycenae, the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon, first sung by Homer in his epics, which is the most important and richest palatial center of the Late Bronze Age in Greece.

Then we depart to Laconia and we arrive at a traditional Greek farm house with great view of ancient olive grove. After lunch enjoy a farm tour with the owner, where you will find out the concept and the philosophy of the farm, such as its architecture, environmental technologies, perennial olive groves, vineyards, animals and people. Finally enjoy an olive oil tour, meet perennial olive trees that age more than 500 years and learn how to distinguish the fresh, extra virgin olive oil and the Greek olive varieties and how to store your olive oil properly. Overnight at the farm.

Day 4: Cooking lesson & Visit at Monemvasia

Today enter in the sanctuaries of the Greek cuisine and learn all the secrets of the Laconic gastronomy. Walk around the organic farm and pick fresh eatable greens, cut fresh organic vegetables from the gardens and then create your meals during our cooking seminars under the supervision and expertise of local chefs. In the evening we visit the extraordinarily beautiful medieval walled town of Monemvasia, set on a rocky island that juts into the Aegean Sea. We explore the history and architecture of Monemvasia in detail, starting with the picturesque Venetian Lower Town before ascending the heavily fortified plateau above. Finally we stroll in the narrow streets of the old town where we find many shops and traditional restaurants before returning back to the farm for overnight stay.

Day 5: Mystras –Mediterranean Diet Tour at Kalamata

In the morning we explore Mystras, the capital of the medieval Despotate of the Morea, among the most important of all Byzantine sites, comprising a castle, city walls, churches and monasteries. Then we travel along Mani’s western shore and we arrive at Kalamata. After check in stroll along the farmers market while you learn about the characteristics of the Mediterranean diet by our expert nutritionist guide. Find out how the Mediterranean diet accounts for the Greeks longevity, how you can benefit from it, and at the end of the tour, you will receive a weekly diet plan based on the Mediterranean diet, targeting the most common health issues faced by adults today.

Day 6: Monastery tour & Lunch- Ancient Messene

Today explore a different type of excursion by visiting 3 unique religious sites around the city of Kalamata. Learn about their history, their architecture and dive into their traditions and an old way of life, while the tour will conclude with a monasterial lunch.

Then we depart for ancient Messene, the stunning capital built for the Messenians in the 4th century BC. We explore the unusually well-preserved remains of the city, set on a plateau overlooking the sea far below, surrounded by an astonishing system of walls, towers and gates, and containing a theatre, agora, public fountains, sanctuaries and one of the finest ancient stadiums in Greece. Later, we traverse the lush countryside of Northern Messenia to enter the territory of Arcadia for overnight stay inside a forest.

Day 7: Mushrooms’ hunting at Arcadia

Menalon mountain has rich vegetation and makes up the ideal environment for bearing wild mushrooms. With the instructions of an expert guide we crop and collect the mushrooms in a basket during our hiking activity. After an hour mushroom hunting we cook and taste them in a picnic near the natural springs accompanied by traditional Greek products. Evening at leisure.

Day 8: Departure

After breakfast and according to the departure flight you will be transferred to the airport.

Learn about the famous winemaking region, Nemea

Enter in the sanctuaries of the Greek cuisine and learn how to cook authentic Greek dishes

Learn all the secrets of olive oil production and taste fresh pressed olive oil

Explore Mycenae and view highlights such as Royal Tomb and Lion’s Gate

Visit Mystras, the capital of the medieval Despotate of the Morea

Discover the ancient city of Messene, spread out across a small peaceful and full of olive-trees valley

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