Shore excursions in Peloponnese


Almost all cruise companies that provide cruises in Greece, include one of the ports of Peloponnese since it’s ideal destination for memorable shore excursions. The main cruise ports of Peloponnese are:

  1. Katakolo, close to Ancient Olympia
  2. Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece
  3. Monemvasia, with its still inhabitable castle
  4. Gytheio, close to the famous Mystras
  5. Pylos, famous for the Navarino Battle
  6. Kalamata, one of the biggest cities of Peloponnese

Even if you are individual traveler or travel agent who wants to skip the overcrowded ship’s tours, we can organize any private customized shore excursion at any harbor of Peloponnese, based on your budget and desire! Let us know the route of your cruise ship and we will share with you a vast selection of tailor-made shore excursions that will meet your needs and accommodate your bespoke requirements.

Our aim is to turn your cruise to Greece into a memorable experience.

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