Pinios artificial Lake


Pineios is one of the Peloponnese’s most significant rivers, its total length is 70 km. Also known as Gastouni River, it has its sources in the mount Erymanthos and empties in the Ionian Sea near town bearing the same name. According to mythology, Hercules diverted the flow of Pineios and Alfeios rivers in order to clean the Augean Stables in his fifth labor. After having demolished the stables’ walls, the hero used the river flow to clean the dung.

Pineios River, on its way to the sea, supplies the artificial lake of Pineios. One of Elis most important constructions completed in 1968, the dam that holds the water of the river is located close to Ancient Ilida. Its total height is 50m and it is 2,175 meters long.