Peloponnesian Mythology


Land of Myths and legends, Peloponnese is the main exhilarating setting of Homer’s epic tales. In the forests, rivers and ancient ports of the Peloponnese, scenes from “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” come to life. This is where you will find the fortress of the great military commander Agamemnon, the castles of Nestor and Menelaus, here is the site of Helen of Troy’s infidelity, and so many other significant incidents.  From the extremity of the Europe, the finale of the Balkan Peninsula and the southernmost part of Greece, Peloponnese is a mysterious world by herself.

Land of the powerful 300 Spartans and birthplace of the Olympic Games, Peloponnese hides millions of surprises and collections of myths, but none have the glory of the world-renowned Hercules. The Peloponnese is where ancient Greek mythology places many of this hero’s adventures and there are hundreds of spots in the region whose own histories are intrinsically linked to his achievements. Discovering these spots is like discovering a whole new geography of the Peloponnese because there are few places in the region that do not boast a Hercules tale.

Of all the regions of the Peloponnese, Sparta and Argolis are more closely linked to mythology and the Homeric epics. Travelling this mythical land is truly the best way to reread two of the most fascinating accounts of world literature while admiring ancient monuments, medieval castles, scenic villages and places of immense natural beauty.

Greek mythology comes alive in Peloponnese!