Natural Landscapes of Messinia


Gialova Lagoon

Gialova lagoon is located in Messinia and is one of the most important wetlands not only in Greece, but also in Europe.
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The Gorge of Neda

Neda is the only “female” river in Greece. It stems from the foot of Mount Lykaion and flows into the Ionian Sea, more specifically into the Kyparissiakos Gulf.
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Often described as a Greek paradise, the Polilimnio Waterfalls in Polilimnio Gorge offer something different from Messenia’s usual beaches.
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The gorge of Rintomo

The wider area of Messinia is filled with impressive natural formations, creating a stunning landscape. Mountains, rivers and gorges compose a unique backdrop that dazzles the eye.
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Voidokoilia Beach

Voidokilia is a legendary beach and one of the loveliest in the Mediterranean, with white sand and cool blue waters. It stands out on any map for its nearly perfect arch shape.
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The Gorge of Vyros

The Gorge of Vyros is one of the many gorges of the Peloponnese and is situated on the western slopes of Mount Taygetus, covering a distance of 19 kilometres and filled with firs, pines, cedars, cypresses and walnut trees.
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Vasiliki Forest of Taygetus

The forest of Vassiliki is located at the southern part of the Taygetus mountain range, 8 km south of its summit, and has an expanse of approximately 11.000 km2.
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