Natural Landscapes of Laconia


Diros Cave

It is a sea cave of exquisite beauty that is considered to be the best from the three most beautiful sea caves in the world. It is a tour sight and is 3.100 meters in length. Visitors can go through dry and wet areas with a plethora of arcades and chambers.
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The Gorges of Mountain Parnon

Parnon is the biggest mountain range in the Peloponnese and boasts truly incredible natural beauty. The wealth of flora and fauna -including the so-called juniperus drupacea, a cedar species unique in the entire European continent.
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The island of Elafonisos

The exotic white sand beaches and turquoise blue crystal waters of Elafonisos, make it one of the most impressive spots in Laconia. It is a protected natural habitat integrated in the Natura network, characterized by its sand dunes and the endemic species of flora.
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Petrified Forest of Agios Nikolaos

In a large seaside area that extends from Agia Marina and Agios Nikolaos to the Voies plain and Elafonisos, lies a rare natural phenomenon, the only one of its kind throughout Europe. It is of a rich geological museum of petrified tree trunks that date back to two or three million years.
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