Natural Landscapes of Corinthia


Doxa Lake of Corinthia

Lake Doxa is located on the borders of Sikyonion municipality, on the plateau of Pheneos. It is an artificial lake, 900 meters above sea level, completed in late 1990 with the construction of the water dam bearing the same name.
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Corinth Canal

Corinth Canal (or Isthmus) is a strategic spot for Greece and one of the most important for the East Mediterranean. Its construction constituted a major issue during ancient times, since it would solve a lot of problems for commerce and navigation.
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Pheneos Wetland of Corinthia

Since 1998, a new wetland was formed on the plateau of Pheneos, behind the irrigation dam of the torrent bearing the same name. The plateau of Pheneos is a large triangular flat plateau surrounded by forested slopes.
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Stymphalia Lake in Corinthia

Lake Stymphalia is one of the most significant wetlands of Greece in the municipality of Sikyonion. The land is closely related to one of the most popular mythology heroes, Hercules.
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Vouliagmeni Lake of Corinthia

Vouliagmeni Lake is located west of the Isthmos canal, 16 kilometers from the town of Loutraki, after the village of Perachora and next to the archaeological site of Heraion.
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