Museums of Nemea & Corinthia


Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth

Corinth was a long and rich history that can be explored when visiting the Archaeological Museum of Corinth. Here you can find exhibits brought to light by archaeologists showcasing the legacy and culture of ancient Corinth.
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Archaeological museum of Nemea

The Archaeological Museum of Nemea was founded as a result of the excavations that were conducted in the area by the University Berkeley of California and mainly to the generosity of Mr Rudolph A. Peterson.
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Archaeological museum of Sikyona

Going up the Vasilikos (Sikyona) plateau, the Byzantine church of Agia Triada, built in the 12th century, welcomes the visitor to the village. Continuing the journey west bound, leads to the archaeological site.
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Environmental museum of Stymphalia

The Environment Museum of Stymphalia, whose aim is to show the interdependence of mankind and Nature, focuses on their harmonious coexistence in the Stymphalia basin. Its objective is to raise the public’s ecological awareness and preserve the knowledge of the region’s traditional technology.
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