Monasteries of Nafplio & Argolis


The Eisodia Monastery of Argos

On the northwest side of the massif of Larissa which rises at the west of the city of Argos is the ancient monastery of Panagia (Holy Mary). It is called Katakekrimmeni after the old icon of Holy Mary that was found.
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The Pamegiston Taxiarchon monastery of Argolis

The monastery is located a hundred metres left of the Lygourio – Korithos old highway, at the village of Dimena. It was built in the middle of the 15th century by a team of monks who came down from the mountainous monastery of Kalami.
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The Saint Dimitrios Avgou monastery of Didima

Ten kilometers away from Pelei of Didima, at the northern slopes of mount Avgo and at a short distance from the village of Didima of Ermionida , there is the Monastery of the Holy Great Demetrius the Myrth or customary called the “Avgo Monastery”.
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The Saint Dimitrios monastery in Karakala

At a distance of 6 km. west of Saint Dimitrios and 12 km. from Nafplio, the road leads through adjacent hills to the nunnery of St. Demetrios Karakala. The exact date of the construction of the monastery is not certain, it is speculated that it is in the 11th century.
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