Luxury Peloponnese


Everyone has the need to experience the feeling of a luxury trip with high-class amenities. Luxury is not determined just by the cost, but by one’s disposition to bask in the care and attention of people who know the art of hospitality. Stepped in history and mythology, Peloponnese is an ideal destination for luxury travel and the traveler who wants high-quality services, accommodation in a deluxe room or suite, treats and pampering, can find it all here.


The facilities guarantee demanding travelers an unforgettable stay. Five-star hotels located throughout the country, private villas offering privacy and comfort, combined with culinary traditions with an exceptionally high standard of execution, the chance to purchase brand-name and high quality products, and the incomparable Peloponnesian landscape create the best setting for one to enjoy absolute luxury.


In the Peloponnese, you will also find cosmopolitan casinos and spas with features that make them one of a kind, as well as two of the best golf courses in the world But that is not all: from a helicopter tour, butler services and a private chef travel by limousine and super yacht, to the pleasure of swimming in your own private pool above an ancient castle and enjoying olive oil therapies and spa treatments at a Byzantine estate, these are  just some of the attractions that Peloponnese holds in store for its exclusive visitors.