Lady Phaneromeni Monastery of Chiliomodi

Lady Phaneromeni Monastery of Chiliomodi

The Lady Phaneromeni Monastery of Chiliomodi, in the prefecture of Corinth, dates back to the 16th century, and was a shelter for the civilians during the Greek Revolution of 1821. It is a fine example of late byzantine hagiography. The older monastery of Faneromeni is the most ancient monastery in Greece bearing this name. At the entrance of the monastery there are two Ionian style columns of an ancient temple. The interior contains two layers of hagiography that date back to the 17th and the 13th century respectively.

Access to the monastery is possible through the old national road that leads from Corinth to Argos, towards the village of Chiliomodi. Four kilometers from the village, we reach a small gulf full of pines. It is a half hour drive from the city of Corinth.

Old Monastery of Lady Phaneromeni

It is located 4 kilometers from the new Monastery. It is an architecturally significant church built in the 13th century. The hagiographies, despite being very old and damaged, remain magnificent. The monastery is built in a strategic location offering a great view of Acrocorinth. The fraternity took action before and during the war of independency. Two significant historians have written about the monastery, A Orandos and T. Gritsopoulos.

New Monastery

In 1986, the fraternity, with the icon of Our Lady Faneromeni Vrefokratousa (holding infant Jesus) was transferred to the new monastery, located in its old dependency. The elaborate wooden carved altarscreen is made of beech and ash and it is decorated with carved representations of the Old and the New Testament. In 1949, the monastery became a nunnery but it does not contain guestrooms. On the way out of the monastery, on the left, fifty meters away is the small chapel of Saint Marina. This small church was restored and painted with hagiographies by the prominent hagiographer Demetrios Kakavas. It contains sparse but beautiful depiction. The feast date of Our Lady Faneromeni is the 21 and 23 of August.