Koroni is built amphitheatrically at the southern tip of the Messinian Gulf, and was already important during the Byzantine era. It was further fortified by the Venetians in the 13th century and, together with Methoni, it became the “Eye of Venice” for the trade of the so-called Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia in the eastern Mediterranean. It was attacked and seized many times over, after fierce battles, both from the Ottomans and the Venetians, and was liberated in 1828 by the armed forces of the French General Maison. Inside this castle with the turbulent history, which represents an exceptional example of fortification, there remains to this day a well-preserved residential complex. The picturesque little town outside the walls still charms the visitor, who will also immensely enjoy the walk inside the fortress, with its impressive gates, towers, bastions and the Byzantine churches, as well as the spectacular view to the Messinian Gulf that it offers. Koroni is surrounded by beautiful beaches, with easy access through lovely routes which are filled with perennial olive trees.

Koroni, amphitheatrically built at the south tip of the Messinian bay, is a small town with multicoloured houses and blossoming gardens; with a picturesque pier, many small tavernas and also an imposing castle at the edge of the peninsula.

History of Koroni

Koroni was an important area already since Byzantine times; it was fortified, however, by the Venetians in the 13th century and, along with Methoni, it constituted the “eye of Venice” for the commercial activities of the Republic of Venice in the eastern Mediterranean. It was attacked and captured many times, after fierce battles, both by the Ottomans and the Venetians, and it was finally liberated in 1828 by the forces of the French general Maison.


The much afflicted castle, a sample of excellent fortification, retains to this day a residential unit within its walls. The picturesque town is always charming, even outside its walls, and a walk around the fortress offers the visitor unique view to the Messinian bay. You can reach the castle through a small path beginning from the port. Gateways, courtyards, towers, reservoirs and also Byzantine churches (Aghia Sofia), chapels of the Prodromos Monastery and small inhabited houses make the castle of Koroni something much more than just a tourist attraction. A small grove of palm trees, with the beautiful church of Panaghia Eleistra, is one of the surprises hidden within this Messinian corner. Off the coast of Koroni nestles the islet Venetiko, and a little to the west the islet of Schiza, inhabited at times, which hides an impressive cave to be explored, offering the incentive for a small sea trip.

Beaches near Koroni

Koroni is surrounded by many beautiful sandy beaches and inlets, easily accessible after traversing the enchanting landscape, full of olive trees. The vacation settlement and the wide beach of Finikounda, on the way to Methoni, as well as the road leading north, to Petalidi, unveil coasts and pretty locations, with small restaurants and beautiful view to the Messinian bay.