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Ermioni Town

Ermioni Town

Ermioni, a beautiful seaside town located on the southeastern coast of Argolis, 85 km. southeast of Nafplio, is built amphitheatrically on the Prono hill. It belongs to the Municipality of Ermionida, as indicated by its name, and has become a tourist destination thanks to its long history and its natural beauty as it is built next to a pine cape and has lovely sandy beaches and numerous bays. Its economy relies mainly on tourism due to its island colors, its farms and fisheries.

History of the Town of Ermioni

The ancient Ermioni flourished in ancient times and is inhabited since 3000 B.C. The archaeological excavations in Bisti have brought to light important findings as well as traces of foundations of the Temple of Poseidon, whereas in Iliokastro the remains of the ancient city of Heleoi were found. Here, the ancient inhabitants dealt with the processing and trading of the famous “Purple,” a ruddy indelible paint from the eponymous shell, used to dye the tunics of Alexander the Great and other important Roman generals.

Walking through the picturesque cobbled streets, the visitor can see historic buildings such as the stone house of “Economou”, which hosted the third National Assembly in 1827. Today it has become a Historical and Folklore Museum. The Kapodistrian elementary school next to it is a place of cultural events. In the center of the town there is the Cathedral of Taxiarches (17th century) which is connected with the historical events of 1821, while another remarkable monument of the Byzantine period is the monastery of Saints Anargyri which was founded in the late 11th century. From the top of the hill which hosts the island-style chapel of Saint Hermione, you can see Hydra and Dokos with the oldest shipwreck and the beautiful plain on the other side.

Ermioni Town

Ermioni is a region with developed tourist infrastructure, with many hotels, rooms to let and apartments addressed to every financial requirement, while in the field of entertainment there are choices to satisfy all tastes. For visitors who enjoy hiking trails, crossing the small Katafyki canyon that connects Hermione with Fournous (30 minutes) is really fascinating, while another walk is that at the gardens of Ermioni, as the area is famous for its high quality pomegranates.

Ermioni is also famous for its many pristine beaches. Apart from the Bisti, there are also Mpourloto, Kouverta, Dardiza, Maderi, Plepi, Petrothalassa and other small and calm coves, while you can dive at Kappari Island, 1.5 nautical miles from Mantrakia.

Ermioni Town

Apart from the sea activities and tours, visitors can enjoy wine or ouzo with fresh seafood dishes in the picturesque taverns and traditional cafes of the area.

Several cultural events are organized in Ermioni throughout the year. Some of them are the “Yiala – Yiala’, a unique way of celebrating the Epiphany and other cultural events in August culminating with the feast of fishermen in Koilada on August 14.