Castles and Fortresses of Nafplio & Argolis


The castle of Acronafplia in Nafplio

Above the old city of Nafplio and across the homonymous rocky peninsula, the fortress of Akronafplia, the oldest fortress of the city, is built. It consists of 3 different castles, none of which is entirely preserved until today.
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The castle of Palamidi in Nafplio

The Castle of Palamidi is on a hill of height of 216m on the east of Acronafplia in the city of Nafplio. It was built and fortified during the second period of Venetian rule (1686-1715) according to Venetian architecture. It was named after the local hero Palamidis, Nafplios’ son.
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The fortress of Bourtzi in Nafplio

At the entrance of the port of Nafplio at about 450m from the mole, there is the trademark of the city, Bourtzi, built on the island of Saints Theodoroi. A tower complex that occupies exclusively the shape of the isle on plans of the Italian architect Gambello.
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The castle of Argos

The Larisa castle of Argos lies 289 meters high overlooking the town of Argos on the prominent cone-shaped hill called “Larisa”, which was named after from mythical Pelasgus’ daughter, Larisa. The castle was first built in approximately 1800 B.C., as its large stones testify, which the remains of the cyclopean are walling.
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