Archaeological Sites of Corinthia


Archaeological Site of Ancient Corinth

The archaeological site of Ancient Corinth is situated in a village bearing the same name, only a few kilometers from the modern town of Corinth. The area was first inhabited during the Neolithic period, at the eastern foothills of Acrocorinth hill.
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Archaeological site of Nemea

The archaeological site is located on the foothill of the mountains of Arcadia, 333 meters above sea level. The strategic location of Nemea and its climate were the reason that the Panhellenic Games of Nemean were held in the region.
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Ancient Sicyon

Ancient Sicyon is located on the mound of Vasiliko, a village 4 kilometers to the southeast of Kiato, head of the municipality of Sikyona. In antiquity it was bordered with Corinth to the east, with the Achaean Pellini to the west, and the Arcadian Fliounta and Stymfalos to the south.
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Archaeological Site of Pheneos

The first settlers of Pheneos were the Pelasgeans. Later, in 1900 B.C. it was inhabited by the Arcadians. They were succeeded by the Achaeans, in 1500 B.C., who created the Mycenaean center of Pheneos and participated to the Trojan War with sixty soldiers under the rule of Agathenoras, king of the Arcadians.
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Archaeological site of Hereon

The archaeological site of Heraion is located 15 kilometers to the northwest of Ancient Corinth, at the end of Perachora peninsula. Excavations carried out in the region have brought to light the temple of Hera and significant remains of the early Corinthian civilization.
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Stymphalia Archaeological Site

The ancient town of Stymphalia was probably founded in the archaic period and it was named after its first inhabitant, Stymphalos. The region belonged to the Arcadians and the town was built on the north shore of Stymphalia lake.
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