Archaeological Sites of Arcadia


Ancient Gortys

Ancient Gortys is among the most important Arcadian cities of the ancient world. The exact dates of its founding, prime and decline are not known, since the archaeological evidence that has come to light is not enough to make an estimation.
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The Temple of Apollo Epicourios

In the ancient Arcadian city of Figalia stood one of the most imposing temples in antiquity, dedicated to Apollo Epikourios. The locals erected this temple as a gesture of gratitude to the god, for protecting them during a plague epidemic.
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Ancient Mantineia

Mantineia was one of the largest and most significant cities in antiquity and it became an important centre of historical developments not only in the area of Arcadia, where it belonged, but in the whole of Greece.
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Ancient Tegea

Ten kilometres outside Tripoli, next to the village of Alea, in Mantineia, stands imposingly the ancient city of Tegea, fragments of which started emerging from the end of the previous century.
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