Archaeological Museum of Patras

Archaeological Museum of Patras

The new Archaeological Museum of Patras was built in 2009. Its exhibition includes findings from Patras and the surrounding area that cover the period from 3.000 B.C. to the 4th century A.D.

The building has modern morphological and architectural elements. It is situated at the city’s north entrance, on the New National Road to Athens. It contains of an amphitheater, three large rooms corresponding to three different thematic sections and a room for temporary exhibitions.

Exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Patras

The museum’s thematic sections are the Private Life, The Public Life and the Necropolis. Among the exhibits you will find clay Mycenaean pots and guns, magnificent mosaics of the Roman Period and the statue of Athena, a roman copy of the chryselephantine statue of Pheidia’s Virgin Athena.

Archaeological Museum of Patras

The section of public life provides information on the region’s topography, the public monuments, the infrastructure techniques and the main aspects of public life, namely commerce, administrative social system, war, religion, entertainment.

The section about the Necropolis presents the cemeteries’ spatial planning, the burial architecture, as well as burial customs.